My story

Artist, producer, writer Eric Michael Hopper began his musical journey at the age of six when he discovered the keys of a piano. From there, he never looked back. Growing up in Western Pennsylvania, Eric's experiences would inevitably find themselves embedded in song. Over the years, he became the frontman and writer for several bands, where he began playing guitar. This would add a dynamic and certain versatility to his songwriting approach. He has spent decades working toward making music for a living and crafting hearfelt songs about his journey along the way. His first 2 albums "Cross Over" and "Make Believe" continue to be embraced with worldwide public support. The inspiration for the albums is reflected in every song by his true-life struggle and journey. This journey has taken him from humble small town beginnings, to making his national television debut on the CBS Early Show as a result of the thousands of fans that have embraced him on the web. With the release of his first CD "Cross Over". He consistently maintained the #1 most viewed pages on the myspace country music chart for nearly 2 years topping over 22,000 artists (click to see chart screenshot). At one point he reached the #10 most viewed music pages of 1.3 million artists of all genres worldwide. He has created an amazing success story through the power of the internet to syndicate his music, to the extent that he has been referred to by FOX television hosts as "a working stiff become cyberspace superstar". In addition, featured him on their front page as the next country music star (click to see screenshot). This success he has found through his thousands of online fans has prompted his movement into the mainstream media (click to watch tv news coverage video). As a true independent, Eric now has over 153,000 active fans on Facebook (click to visit page).

Notable Accomplishments:

-Self produced and released 2 full length CDs recorded in his home studio in Buford Ga: "Cross Over" and "Make. Believe."

-Eric became the #1 most viewed country music artist on and maintained that position for several years during the height of the sites popularity.

-Eric reached the #10 most view pages worldwide of 1.3 million artists of all genres of music on

-Eric made his National Television Debut as a Guest and Performer on the CBS Early Show

-Eric has been featured as a TV Guest appearance and performer on FOX Good Day Atlanta and NBC Daytime syndicated througout the southeast. His story has also been featured in segments produced by NBC Atlanta.

-Eric's Video for his song "Love at First Sight" reached the #1 Top Rated Music Videos and #4 Top Rated Videos of all Videos on at the time of its release.

-Eric was featured on Front Page of

-Eric's video for Love at First Sight was voted onto cable TV by the online public and aired in 11 MILLION Comcast Digital Cable subscriber homes

-Won $10,000 FAMECAST Nationwide talent competition (click to see screenshot)

-Was featured as a centerpiece in The Buckle store's Denim Rocks Ad Campaign (click to see screenshot)

- Wrote "Life's Good" Jingle for LG Electronics national campaign on Youtube and earned $18,000 prize package in LG Life's Good Video Contest (click to see screenshot)

-Wrote Jingle and directs commercial for HJ Heinz Company- which aired in heavy rotation on The Food Network and The Fine Living Network for one full summer (click to watch hear jingle and watch commercial)

-Wrote jingle for Kohls Rock Like a Star national campaign hosted on Facebook. Earned top spot and attends 2009 Academy of Country Music Awards as VIP guest. (click to see screenshot)

-Eric engaged to represent Chevrolet and the new Camaro SS at CMA Fest

-Has received MILLIONS of views of his Self Produced Video for his song "Love at First Sight"

-Has recieved over 1 MILLION online views of The One Video

-Referred to by FOX TV host as "a working stiff become cyberspace superstar".

-Voting Member National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (Grammy) in the categories of Producer, Engineer, Vocalist, Songwriter and Recording Artist.

-Reached #1 on Clear Channel NEW Country Chart (click to see chart screenshot)

-Reached #3 on Clear Channel NEW Adult Chart

-Reached #3 on Clear Channel NEW Hit Music Chart

-Sponsored by/endorses Takamine Guitars

-Sponsored by/endorses Paul Reed Smith Guitars

-Sponsored by/endorses Dean Markley Strings

-Sponsored by/endorses The Buckle clothing stores (Click Denim Rocks on the page)

-Sponsored by/endorsed Overloud Audio Tools

-Sponsored by/endorses Mogami Cables

-Endorsee with Sanyo for Xacti Digital Sound Recorder (click to watch video)

-Held #1 chart position on the Reverbnation Worldwide Country Chart for nearly 2 years (Click to view chart screenshot) (Over 60 of the Billboard Top 100 Artists now have a presence on Reverbnation)

-Is a good guy and is respectful to others.

-As of 2018 has a signed up street team of nearly 9000 strong

-Owner and Founder of Lionwake Records

-Eric is currently writing and recording his 4th full length studio album

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